Abbeydale Explorer app

Audio Trails were appointed to design and develop a multimedia tour for Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Sheffield; a unique eighteenth century industrial steelworks.

Abbeydale is a challenging site for visitors to understand and, in particular, to explore physically. Some key spaces are inaccessible for people with impaired mobility. The Abbeydale Explorer app provides an enhanced visiting experience for the wide spectrum of people that visit.



Visitors can borrow iPads when they buy tickets or download the app to their own iOS or Android device. The app contains subtitled fly-through videos that provide a guide to inaccessible parts of the site. Engaging and informative text, plus audio commentaries and high quality photographs further allow visitors to understand the rich history of Abbeydale. Visitors can also use the app to create and send virtual postcards, follow story themes and partake in fun activities at each place of interest.

iPad Screenshot from Abbeydale Explorer app
iPad Screenshot from Abbeydale Explorer app

Client Testimonial

Our interpretation team were really new to both using and developing Apps. Dan and his team led us through the process, keeping to our brief which focussed on inclusive access – making sure the App was usable to as many people as possible. Some of the changes that needed to be made to improve access were not as simple as we thought but they made sure that these were achieved. The finished product has been tested by our inclusive access forum, retired volunteers and school children and has received warm praise from all. Personally, I love the blend of serious technical detail in the video interviews with the fun, interactive postcard function.

Rebecca Walton, Interpretation & Learning Officer (Abbeydale), Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust

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The Abbeydale Explorer app is powered by our GPS-triggered Welcome To…Native app software.