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Apps – Places and Trails

Posted on March 20th, by admin in Digital Interpretation, Heritage apps, Mapping, Our services, Tales and musings, website. Comments Off on Apps – Places and Trails

A location-aware (web and native) app platform showcasing multimedia places of interest and walking trails.

Display places and trails in list view and as individual pins on the interactive map. Sort by distance and filter by category. Place pages containing text, images, audio and video display when triggered (automatically via GPS or manually by tapping the screen). Trails provide users with route maps and walking directions.

Apps are tailored to your branding, so the question is…do you opt for our web app, native app or both?

Web app

Showcase and trigger multimedia PLACES AND TRAILS linked to ANY location, on ANY device with a web browser. Link it seamlessly to your own website. More…


Native apps

Native Apps are installed via the App Store or Google Play onto (and limited to) iOS and Android devices. Our native apps can be enhanced with plugins that make the most of the device’s … Read More »

Audio Guide Hardware

Posted on March 8th, by admin in Digital Interpretation, Tales and musings. Comments Off on Audio Guide Hardware

An easy to use Audio Tour Guide solution that provides personal, interactive audio (and video) interpretation for visitors.

In addition to sporting a traditional keypad the audio content can also be triggered by three different types of proximity tags that are placed around a museum, gallery, tourist attraction, heritage site etc. Audio can be synchronised with video and the audio tour guide has a unique anti-theft alarm function.


● Keypad function (with play, pause, fast forward, fast rewind)
● Built in speaker, 3.5mm stereo earphone output
● Supports MP3 audio files
● 99 different languages available, 4096 audio files supported by each language.
● Object name display
● High capacity lithium-ion battery, continuous operating time is more than 12 hours.
● Maximum volume output can be locked
● Audio can be triggered by passive tag (within 0~5cm), infrared ray within (0~10m) and/or RFID signal (0~100m)
● The last three points triggered can be selected and replayed
● Play restrict and play times statistics functions
● Auto playing background music when trigger playing ended
● With vibrate and buzzer prompt function
● Anti-theft alarm function
● Video SYNC function, visitors will hear the synchronous audio when video is playing (our custom HDMI media player is required)

Charge/sync units are available (from a double slot charger to banks of 12).

Contact us for further details.

Places & Trails – web app

Posted on March 1st, by admin in Digital Interpretation. Comments Off on Places & Trails – web app

Showcase and trigger multimedia PLACES AND TRAILS linked to ANY location, on ANY device with a web browser.

Our Places and Trails web app is a website. It displays on any device with a web browser: desktops, smartphones tablets etc and will therefore seamlessly link with your own website.

Web apps have limited access to a device’s native features, but our innovative technology uses your location to display and trigger content relative to the user. Like-for-like our web app option is cheaper than our native apps, plus users can ‘favourite’ places and trails. Strong 3G/4G mobile coverage is preferred for optimum performance.

It’s still not officially live yet but you can still have a go at

Would you like us to add Place content near you for testing? Contact us.

Early adopter? We want you!

Would you be interested in creating a location-based tour for … Read More »

Audio trails & Oral history

Posted on March 1st, by admin in Audio Trails, Digital Interpretation, oral history, Our services. Comments Off on Audio trails & Oral history

An audio trail builds a story, guiding visitors from one point of interest to the next. It may contain oral reminiscences, sound effects, music and/or characterisation; but every single one contains a bit of our soul.

Whilst working for the Peak District National Park Authority Dan became aware of a wonderful collection of oral history recordings. They had been saved on CD and left in the back of a cupboard. It seemed such a shame to deprive the wider world of so many wonderful stories and so he set to work pulling clips from the recordings to create the first downloadable audio guides in the UK. Shortly after Dan set up Audio Trails in 2006.

Oral history

We’ve interviewed hundreds of people since that time. Soundbites from those recordings (and other archives collecting dust!) have been sympathetically used to create immersive and engaging audio trails and podcasts for a wide variety of clients.

For … Read More »

Places and Trails native app platform

Posted on February 2nd, by admin in Digital Interpretation, Heritage apps. Comments Off on Places and Trails native app platform

Our Places and Trails native app platform for iOS & Android is the gold standard for location-responsive, interactive visitor guide apps. It uses GPS and iBeacons to determine the user’s location and display nearby places of interest on interactive mapping.

With rich content and optional plugins, our Places and Trails native app software has been specifically designed to encourage exploration of the countryside, heritage sites, museums and tourist attractions.

Native Apps are installed via the App Store or Google Play onto (and limited to) iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded they are fully operational, regardless of mobile network coverage, as they support offline mapping. Users are notified when they trigger a place even if the app isn’t on screen (backgrounded).


Our high quality and modular digital visitor guide apps have all the advantages of a bespoke package.

Places and Trails features a sliding navigation menu that allows users to switch from … Read More »

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