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Places and Trails native app platform

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Our Places and Trails native app platform for iOS & Android is the gold standard for location-responsive, interactive visitor guide apps. It uses GPS and iBeacons to determine the user’s location and display nearby places of interest on interactive mapping.

With rich content and optional plugins, our Places and Trails native app software has been specifically designed to encourage exploration of the countryside, heritage sites, museums and tourist attractions.

Native Apps are installed via the App Store or Google Play onto (and limited to) iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded they are fully operational, regardless of mobile network coverage, as they support offline mapping. Users are notified when they trigger a place even if the app isn’t on screen (backgrounded).


Our high quality and modular digital visitor guide apps have all the advantages of a bespoke package.

Places and Trails features a sliding navigation menu that allows users to switch from … Read More »

Listen – GPS Audio Tour Guide app

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Listen to awesome location-aware audio tours

Listen is a hands- and screen-free audio storytelling experience.

Listen knows exactly where you are and serves up audio exactly when you need it.

Listen frees up listeners to become more aware of their surroundings and immerse themselves in the experience.

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” Ernest Hemingway

Press play, put the screen away and just listen.

Listen is available for iOS and Android. It uses geo-location to track the device’s precise location. When the listener enters a trigger zone audio will play automatically. Using creative storytelling we can guide visitors along a trail highlighting points of interest as they appear to the listener – call it real-time surprise. For example, “See that bench just up on your left? Why not take a seat for a while and I’ll tell you a tale about the … Read More »

Interactive heritage trails

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An interactive heritage trail combines traditional interpretation panels with digital content.

Let’s give you an example. On behalf of the Canal & River Trust we produced interactive heritage trails along the Burnley Canal and the Montgomery Canal.

We designed and printed small interpretation plaques. Each one was attached to a 4 inch/100mm wide post (or similar) along the towpath at key points of interest. Each visually stimulating plaque contains a short piece of text and an image so that visitors walking along the canal can read this soundbite and enhance their knowledge.

Interactive call to action

The plaques also contain a call to action to ‘Go Digital’ and discover more. They do this with their phone/tablet by either scanning a QR code or typing in the short URL which takes them directly to a rich content webpage. Here, more text, images, plus audio, video, PDFs (activity packs are popular) etc can be accessed and … Read More »