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Last week we had an audience with Prince Andrew The Duke of York, KG at Pitch@Palace 6.0 to demo our new product for 2017.

Along with 16 other entrepreneurs we pitched the concept of a web-based version of our GPS-triggered native apps to an audience of CEOs, Investors and Mentors at The AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre), Sheffield.

Entrepreneurs from Biotech and Medical Technology to Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality all had 3 minutes to win the hearts of the judges.

“The standard and passion of Businesses today was outstanding. We will support you with next steps.”

The Duke of York

Our pitch was to get introductions to key decision makers who run tourist attractions and heritage sites. Our new cross-browser web app uses HTML5 geolocation to trigger places of interest and trails, just like our native (iOS and Android) app software currently offers.

The website will come online in … Read More »

Discover Exmoor

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Explore, discover and enjoy the amazing landscape, wildlife and heritage of Exmoor with this official National Park Authority app.

Exmoor National Park, in south west England is a unique landscape of moorland, woodland, valleys and farmland, shaped by people and nature over thousands of years. Rich in wildlife and history, Exmoor is one of England’s finest landscapes.

Hidden heritage revealed

The Discover Exmoor app iOS and Android apps offer fascinating, location-aware information on key sites throughout Exmoor, revealing hidden heritage through pictures, text and audio. Walking routes allow visitors to join these points of interest together and make the most of any visit. Once downloaded all the content (including zoomable mapping) is available to use offline.

Send a postcard/ask an expert

The app lets you send a virtual postcard to friends, family and following, and if you want to know the answer to a burning question about … Read More »

Native or Web app?

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Ultimately it depends what you want the your app to do, but if you are ready this page then you are probably looking for a location aware solution. We’ve been developing GPS-triggered native apps since 2010.

Charles Darwin audio trails – Bromley

Explore five Charles Darwin-themed audio trails produced on behalf of Bromley Council. The audio guides explore the countryside Darwin called his ‘landscape laboratory’ and celebrate how Charles Darwin formulated his amazing theory of evolution in the Kent countryside – a theory that rocked the deeply religious Victorian world, and even Darwin himself!

Each Charles Darwin-themed audio trail is accompanied by a downloadable map and a family activity sheet to help everyone delve into the world of Charles Darwin, and discover how he got to grips with ‘the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection’.

Downe audio trail

Charles Darwin found school boring, thought his university years were a waste of time, and felt sick at the sight of blood! So how did he get to become one of the world’s greatest scientists? Find out as you follow this amazing audio trail … Read More »

Get naked below the knees on a bare foot trail

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During our family holiday this year we inevitably took the opportunity to visit a number of heritage sites. These ranged from archaeological sites to a fantastic Chateau in Larochette, Luxembourg, all the while absorbing the creative interpretation ideas. However, what grabbed all of us the most was such a simple concept.

We stayed at a wonderful campsite which had a bare foot trail. As the name suggests you need to shed your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet as you make your way through a forest. At various points there is a ‘station’ – the equivalent of a raised vegetable bed filled with various organic materials – intended to reconnect you with nature. The trails begins with a tentative squelch through wet mud. This is followed by further stations containing logs, pine cones, sawdust, leaves, mulch, pebbles, sand, stones … Read More »