How it works

We appreciate that choosing an app is a big decision. Because we know how robust our audio tour guide platform is we are happy for you to try it out before you make a commitment. The following sevens steps explain how our process works.

1Quick Response. Following your enquiry we will be back in touch within 24 hours to fully understand your requirements, answer any questions and confirm costs. Get in touch.

2Trial period. Before committing to a GPS triggered app we can set you up with a test version on either iOS or Android. We are confident in our software. We want you to be too. Confirm up to 4 locations and we’ll do the rest.

3Content creation. We have produced over 150 different audio tours, so we know a thing or two about creating engaging audio. Let us handle scriptwriting, oral history recording, voice overs and production. Alternatively, if you are happy supplying the audio yourself that is great. We are happy to offer our advice to ensure your audio is the best!

4App development. Once your audio is ready (not necessarily finalised) and the geolocation of each stopping point has been approximated we will build your app within 5 working days. The app can be branded with your colours and logo.

5Iteration. Now you can fully test your content in situ. You may find a few locations need a bit of tweaking to ensure the trigger points are just so. No problem. Locations and audio files can easily be updated.

6Go Live. Once testing has been completed the apps can be finalised. For public-facing apps i.e. self guided walking tour apps they will be published to the App Store and Google Play. If you are a tour guide company and will be playing the audio commentary over your vehicle’s PA system we will ensure only you have access to the app.

7Support & Maintenance. We will respond to all support issues within 24 hours and aim to fix any bugs (in the unlikely event something does go awry) within 5 working days as part of our support plan. So if a bug is introduced when Apple and Android release new versions of their Operating System you know you are covered.

“Dan Boys at Audio Trails is an excellent collaborator, creative and a good listener. He is able to support a project with a consummate professionalism which gives you confidence. That he is a pioneer in the field and possesses endless enthusiasm for the work at hand is just what is needed when muddling through the beginnings of a project. We highly recommend his services.”

Patrice Johnson Project Co-ordinator Witton Lodge Community Association

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service. Get in touch to start a conversation.