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Switching from iOS to Android

Posted on August 22nd, by admin in Tales and musings. No Comments

Switching from iOS to Android

As Mac user for many years I had never really entertained the idea of switching from iPhone to Android as my main device, but on a bit of a whim I found myself changing sides.

So why?

You won’t be surprised to hear that I love tech and in the past I liked having the latest iPhone as the new functionality it held within offered exciting new possibilities. I have had my iPhone5s for some time now and the reason for this is that the technology inside it is more than adequate for my needs. When my contract ran out I had no intention of upgrading to an newer iPhone, although a larger screen size did appeal. I also vowed I would buy my next phone outright rather than be a slave to the contract.

In recent months we’ve made some really nice improvements to the Android version of our multimedia Welcome To app software. In addition we are currently developing an Android version of our (audio-only) GPS Tour Guide app.

As I have got a little frustrated with Apple’s controlling ways and the cost of their devices it started me thinking about switching to the dark side. My main concerns were:

  • can my iOS snobbery be overcome, certainly in terms of how intuitive Apple devices are?
  • how easy will it be to sync my Mac to an Android (and vice versa)?
  • will the battery life be on par?

Vale for money

As a business we strive to offer value for money. On the flip side I don’t like to pay over the odds for things when perfectly good alternative solutions are available. The iPhone6s Plus will set you back a cool £619. Whilst it will no doubt retain some value over the life of the phone I was struggling to see why I should pay this amount when I could get a Moto G4, which has the same 5.5 inch screen size, for £160. So, I took the plunge as I needed another Android test device anyway.

Amazon delivered my new phone and I spent that evening getting to grips with it. The User Interface is very sleek compared to my older Android test devices and the biggest problem I had when setting up my emails and favourite apps i.e. Instagram, BBC Sport, Twitter etc was recalling the passwords!

Reading magazines on the Zinio app is much easier with a larger screen and I’m experimenting with a couple of Podcast apps that appear to match what I had on iOS. And, as a Google Maps fan (I never really got on with Apple Maps) the transition was, as you’d expect, simple and painless. So far so good.


One thing I did learn was the important difference between IMAP and POP servers for your email.

Both POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message access protocol) allow people to get access to their email from a remote server; however, that is where most similarities end. POP simply downloads email to your computer. IMAP allows users to store their email on remote servers. This two-way protocol also allows the user to synchronize their email among multiple devices, which is extremely important today, when most people have at least two devices – their laptop and smartphone. Read more about it here

Thanks to this little insight I now have my emails syncing perfectly between my Mac and Moto. No more deleting of duplicate emails that I have already read and deleted on the other device. Of course, I could have done this on my iPhone too, but the process of changing over led me to this discovery.

Digital Housekeeping

What this whole process has done has also allowed me to do some digital housekeeping. By that I mean deleting unnecessary contacts and only downloading apps on the Android that I actually use on a regular basis. I reckon I have about 50% less on my Moto than my iPhone now, although that will no doubt increase over time!

Syncing calendars – a bad date?

I was worried that I may not be able to sync my Mac’s calendar with my Android device. There is probably a free way to do it but for £2.19 I bought Smooth Sync for Cloud Calendar and it painlessly did it all for me. You have to download another free app once you install it, but both can be tucked away off the home screen(s) leaving you with the Google calendar app as your gateway to your next appointment.


As yet I haven’t attempted to sync either my music or photos, so this initial verdict is very premature but I have to say that I have been very surprised at how easy the transition has been. Now that I am using Android as a my main device rather than purely for testing I hadn’t really appreciated just how well it suits me.

Whilst the Moto G4 may be four times cheaper than the iPhone6s Plus, the difference in hardware is far, far closer. I must admit that the camera is a little disappointing and only time will tell how well the hardware holds up (I’m hoping the battery life is good), but as the comparison between the devices on the website shows, there isn’t that much between them at all.

I just hope I am feeling as positive in 6 months time!

Check out our location aware Welcome To app software but if you are looking just to deliver audio then our GPS Tour Guide app may be just the solution. As mentioned above, it is now available on iOS and Android.

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