8000+ Yorkshire Dales iPhone app downloads in 2 weeks

In 2011 we developed the ‘Official Yorkshire Dales National Park’ app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian. In its first week the iPhone app alone was downloaded 1448 times.

On the back of that success the National Park Authority asked us to upgrade the iPhone and Android apps to include twice as many walking routes, cycling routes and places to visit. Nearly 8300 people downloaded the new iPhone update in the first fortnight of its release!

The Yorkshire Dales National Park has released a free iPhone app aimed at maxing out your enjoyment of the area and including a load of stuff including a selection of walks and cycling routes.

Click on the places of interest and a whole list of local attractions comes up, complete with text information and an image. If you want to know even more, there’s generally a link for further info… most interesting for walkers is the selection of routes. Some of these contain excellent route descriptions from within the app.

The routes have mapping too…with the GPS enabled. And, oh, we just found the panoramic images, which is a nice touch.

All said, it’s a nice little app. As well as the detailed info, there’s also safety advice, a choice between imperial and metric for your distances and a feature which makes the phone vibrate at a chosen distance from a POI.

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