Cadw Castles Education Pack

“It has been a pleasure to work with Ruth from beginning to end of the project. Her background in both education and interpretation has made the whole process a lot smoother with the addition of a ‘teacher’s eye’ to suggest additions and amendments to ideas for the education resource. It may also be her background in teaching which has given her the patience of a saint(!) and an absolute joy to work with both professionally and personally. Feedback from teachers has been really positive and we are really proud to have this new resource.”

Erin Lloyd-Jones, Lifelong Learning Manager (North Wales)

Cadw are responsible for some of the most significant sites in the world, helping people understand and care about their place and history – and the place of Wales in the world.

The bilingual education pack is directly linked to STEM and Literacy within the Welsh National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. The lesson and activity ideas bring the castles in Cadw’s care alive for children and include detailed curriculum planning. The teacher’s resources support self led exploration of castles.

The education pack can be downloaded from the learning pages at