Cornish Mining World Heritage Audio Trails

A series of audio trails that reveal the rich past of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site.

Looking for fresh air, striking scenery during your time in Cornwall? Then delve into its mining past with a series of free Cornish Mining World Heritage Site audio trails. Narrated by miners, historic experts and actors, listeners are transported back to a landscape that told a very different story. The audio trails offer a unique window into the days of the mining boom in Cornwall.

At Poldice you can explore what was once the richest square mile in the world. Tread carefully as you explore the explosive past of the Wildlife Trust’s Kennall Vale reserve. Learn about the oldest china clay port in the world as you wander around the harbour with its impressive tall ships. And engine houses, chimney stacks, tunnels and adits await your curiosity at St Agnes.

Download the audio trails – and accompanying maps, information sheets and children’s activity sheets –


“We worked with Audio Trails to produce 7 audio trails across the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. They also produced downloadable children’s activity sheets to go alongside the audio trails, which was a bonus. The voiceovers sounded professional and the trails are easy to navigate and interesting to listen to.”

Silvia Lowe, Marketing & Visitor Information Officer, Cornish Mining World Heritage Team

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