Interpretative planning & project management

Working with heritage organisations to develop creative and practical ideas to supercharge the visitor experience.

What is interpretation?

Interpretation is a communication process, designed to reveal meanings and relationships of our cultural and natural heritage, to the public, through thought-provoking first-hand involvement with objects, artefacts, landscapes and sites. [adapted from Interpretation Canada]

Interpretation therefore translates the technical language of experts into the informal ‘everyday’ language of visitors. It has an authoritative air, but goes beyond just providing information; it is revelation based upon any statement of fact. For the communication to be interpretative, it must improve visitors understanding and enjoyment through provoking interest, relating to their experience and revealing something new. The same communication processes are used to create powerful adverts for tv, radio, print.

What is an interpretation plan?

An interpretive plan provides the strategy to ensure that your site’s messages are truly connecting with, and being understood, by your audiences in the most cost-effective and powerful ways possible. It helps you identify themes effective media and services to deliver your messages, engage and inspire your visitors, and increase visitation and memberships.

John Veverka, internationally renowned heritage interpretation specialist

Interpretative master planning

The main goal of interpretive planning is to help focus on exactly why, what and to whom – given the budget, time and other resources – we want our interpretation to communicate, and then how, when and where this will implemented. Figure 1 illustrates our process. Everything is influenced by the managerial realities. Within these guidelines, our interpretive planning team undertake the process of developing the interpretation plan, drawing on your knowledge.


For a typical example, allow three months and a minimum of 7 days work to write an interpretation plan. Please get in touch for more information.

Interpretation Appraisal

We also offer a Digital Interpretation Appraisal service. This isn’t a full interpretation plan, rather it provides you with specialist knowledge and points to consider before embarking on a digital interpretation project. We will visit your site and meet with you to discuss your objectives. Following this meeting we will write a concise report with detailed recommendations and outline costs for digital interpretation solutions appropriate for your site. It is more than just a quote and could save you thousands of pounds further down the line.

Allow 1-1.5 days work, with the appraisal delivered to you within 5 days of the site visit.

Please get in touch to order your digital interpretation appraisal.

Project Management

We set high standards of project management, integrity of research, local consultation, thematic development and preparation of reports. We work to time and to budget.

Driving our work is a strong understanding and awareness of why and how interpretation and learning can contribute to the management of sites and to the experience of those who visit them. We aim to widen visitor’s horizons and provide a sense of satisfaction in exchange for their time, money and effort.

We develop strategic plans, activity plans, training plans, interpretative plans, learning plans, feasibility studies and evaluation plans to support Round 1 and 2 HLF bids and applications for other funding awards.

Latest projects

We are currently writing an interpretation plan for Pontefract Castle, as part of the major ‘Key to the North’ project, on behalf with Wakefield Council.

2017/18 – Interpretation plan for the proposed Rhins of Galloway Coast Path in Dumfries and Galloway.

2017 – Project Co-ordinator for the ‘New Zealand Rifle Brigade 1917-19’ project on behalf of Cannock Chase AONB and Friends of Cannock Chase.

2017 – Digital interpretation plan/feasibility study for Cultybraggan Camp to assist with their Round 2 HLF funding bid. Their application was successful.

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