Rapid City Trolley Bus audio tour

Experience the best of Rapid City, South Dakota on the City View Trolley Tour! 

Listen to the history as you tour through Downtown Rapid City, West Boulevard Historic District, and past city landmarks like the quirky green dinosaurs of Dinosaur Park while riding the City View Trolley. 

The onboard GPS-triggered tour is perfect for visitors who want to explore Rapid’s top sites in a fun and convenient way.

Working with Dan Boys at AT Creative has been an exceptional experience and the results were outstanding. The app proved to be incredibly reliable and user-friendly. Dan’s expertise and support were invaluable. Despite the significant time zone difference, our project ran smoothly and efficiently.

Dani Benne, Director of Marketing, Rapid City

The app isn’t available to publicly download. However, we still take care to make the app look and behave like it should if it was published. You’ll need to jump on a Trolley Bus Tour in Rapid City, South Dakota to experience the magic and “Discover why life is jolly when you ride the trolley!”.