South Pennine’s audio trail and podscroll

Pennine Prospects initially commissioned us to undertake a series of oral history recordings for a ‘Watershed Landscape Lives’ DVD, which captured the passion of those who visit, enjoy or make their livelihood from the South Pennines.

Since then we have also produced:

The Piethorne Reservoir Audio Trail is a story of people and water. More specifically: increasing numbers of people craving increasing amounts of water. This is also a story of dramatic change.

The Reservoir Spotters Guide Podscroll helps you explore the South Pennine reservoir landscape and identify architectural features and some of the varied wildlife you might see whilst walking near an upland reservoir.

The Sheddon Clough Podscroll will help you explore the unusual limestone hushings at Sheddon Clough on foot.

podscroll title page on iPhone

A podscroll is simply a digital booklet that can be downloaded onto your smartphone/iPod etc and viewed when you want it. The podscroll is saved in its own folder with your photos. Just swipe through each screen like turning the pages of a book.

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“The audio trail and podscrolls developed by Audio Trails for the Watershed Landscape project have been a fantastic way of bringing the South Pennine uplands to life for people wanting to get out and explore. Using media compatible with smartphones has helped us reach new audiences in a really cost effective way.

Audio trails provided great advice on the best ways of putting content together and providing the most appropriate interpretive solutions for our audiences, a pleasure to work with and a wealth of experience to draw on!”

Anna Carter, Interpretation Officer, Pennine Prospects