Tourist apps for heritage sites and museums

Visitors to heritage sites, towns or cities want to make the most of every minute of their visit. Tourist apps, powered by our ‘Places & Trails’ software, bring places to life with powerful text, evocative audio and beautiful imagery.

Tourist apps for Heritage sites and visitor attractions

Our tourist apps use GPS to automatically trigger points of interest – presenting a wealth of useful information at visitor’s fingertips. Users can also easily browse content from the map or via the menu, using filters or the search function.

One potential banana skin for tourist apps is the cost incurred by foreign visitors having to pay high charges for accessing the internet when abroad. We embed our tourist apps with rich content so the user experience is not reliant on downloading data on site. This is further enhanced with offline mapping which blends seamlessly with the online maps – they look exactly the same with identical zoom and pan features.

Many towns and cities do have a good mobile signal and that allows our tourist apps to work at their full potential. Visitors can check-in at points of interest and earn a badge. These badges group similar places together so that visitors can quickly identify e.g. a cities places of worship. Our tourist apps also interact with a number of Social Media platforms. Share your experience with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. An events diary can also be streamed to the tourist apps providing up-to-date events information.

Automatic updates to the app content can also be sent simultaneously to iPhone and Android tourist apps – at the touch of a button. Our Content Management System (CMS) has a very simple interface which allows you to upload files to the app, when they need to. Existing points of interest can be edited and new ones added.

Walking tours can enhance tourist apps by providing suggested routes that maximise visits. Welcome to apps can contain an unlimited number of trails. These can either be embedded into the app or offered as in-app purchases (free or paid for) so users can decide which ones are most suitable for their needs.

Younger visitors are catered for too. Games, puzzles and quizzes can all be added into the tourist apps to provide an informal learning experience.

More details about our Places & Trails app platform can be found on our sister website –

Our powerful statistics package plays an important role too. It tells you exactly how your visitors are using your tourist apps. Mine into the data and discover how long they use it for, what are the most popular pages and identify how you can improve your offer.
If you are looking for a simpler audio tour app then you are in the right place. Take a look at these case studies, read more about our audio tour app platform, or simply contact us today for a quote.