Tree Trails and Tales

A tree-focussed trail app that invites you to branch out and enjoy circular tours of some of the impressive parks, gardens and estates in Northumberland.

On each trail you will encounter veteran, ancient or notable trees with stories to tell about themselves, their species and the scenes that have played out below their branches across the years.

Each trail is voiced by members of the local community who have been engaged with and contributed to the ongoing work of the The tales are relayed from the perspective of the tree to give a unique insight to local history.

Canopy of an ancient Beech tree
Leafy canopy of a veteran beech – image courtesy of

The app has been designed as part of a wider National Lottery Heritage Funded project the ‘Northumbria Veteran Tree Project’ which aims to raise awareness of ancient, veteran and notable trees across the regions of Newcastle, North Tyneside and county of Northumberland, and thus contribute to their long-term management and survival.


As someone considerably more at home with the ‘wood wide’ as opposed to the ‘world wide web’, I began this particular element of our project with more than a little trepidation it has to be said. My fears however where short lived with AT Creative* providing a very personable but no less professional service from the very start with initial advice and help with respect to the equipment we should purchase followed by a support package which included clear and easy to follow instructions even for somebody as IT challenged as I most certainly confess to be.

The journey since then can only be described as extremely positive with Dan continuing to provide encouragement, advice and guidance as well as demonstrating a high level of technical expertise, and judgement particularly evident in the company’s editing of the trails themselves.

I have since had no hesitation in recommending AT Creative to a number of other organisations who are keen to produce their own trails. I would finally like to offer a huge thank you to Dan and his team for the help and support provided which has enabled us to successfully complete this element of our project. With that help we have produced a lasting legacy that is easy to access, easy to use and provides a unique insight into the world of trees, our local history, folk lore, nature and the environment that surrounds us and a resource which our local communities can hopefully enjoy for many years to come.

Nick Johnson, Veteran Trees Project Officer


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* AT Creative has been our trading name since 2019.