University of Sussex Campus Tour

Starting university, or visiting as a prospective student, can be a daunting experience. A new place never explored. The University of Sussex Campus Tour app gives a taste of life at Sussex and was written and voiced by current students. The app helps visitors find their way and provides invaluable insight about the inner workings of university life, and all the best places to visit.

The self-guided audio tour allows exploration at your own pace. Starting at Sussex House the audio trail flows on the accessible pathways within campus. In addition to the audio tracks, the app also includes images of the buildings, to help locate yourself, and a transcription of the audio.

Dan and Audio Trails have provided excellent service through the app development process. Dan was patient with our timeline and provided support throughout the journey of script writing, editing audio, testing and launching. We hope that the tour will provide an insight into Sussex life for our prospective students.

Rebecca Boulton, Recruitment Coordinator (Postgraduate), University of Sussex


Unlike our vehicular tour apps this one is available to download as it is intended to be used as a self-guided tour. Download the app for free to understand how the platform may work for you.

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