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Listen to awesome location-aware audio tours

Our GPS triggered Audio Tour Guide app platform is available for iOS and Android. The app uses your location to automatically deliver audio. It guides you, keeps pace with you and reveals stories relevant to your location. It’s your own personal tour guide.

NEW: We’ve added major upgrades! Now add and update content yourself (including text and images) with our intuitive Content Management System. Multilingual support available too.

Self guided walking tours

man holding headphones to ears looking skywards

Our GPS tour guide apps for iOS and Android are the perfect self guided tours for walkers looking to explore new places. Publish on the App Store and Google Play. 

Driving tour app

Tour guide bus travelling along the coastline

Automate the audio entertainment on your bus, coach, train or boat with GPS triggered commentary, leaving your driver to focus on passenger safety.

Choosing an app is a big decision so we welcome you to try before you buy. Learn about our seven step project management process.

Content is king

The key to a successful audio guide is engaging audio. A narrative that provokes, relates, reveals and leaves the listener wanting more will win out. So how is this achieved? Firstly, know your audience. For example, children will want something fun and playful with characters they can relate to. Secondly, build your audio trail on a strong theme and related sub-themes. Thirdly, use more than one voice for variety and interest. Finally, for now, entice listeners to the next stopping point with fun activities. So, how many different styles of audio delivery are there? Read on.

All audio guides need a script. It may be a full narration with one or more voices sharing the lines. Characterisation can be used to good effect to add colour and a lever a degree of artistic license. Our favourite audio trails usually include oral history or reminiscences. Adding soundbites from experts or locals who intimately know the place or subject you are interpreting adds a unreal level of authenticity. Then enhance all of this in post production with subtle soundbites and/or music to set the mood, and allow the pictures to build in the listeners mind.

If that all sounds a bit too much let us handle all your audio content needs. Get in touch to discuss.

Some of our recent clients

I’m very pleased that we chose Audio Trails, the audio commentary is a big success.

David Marsden, Transport Policy Officer, Peak District National Park Authority

illustrated scene of the peak district with two walkers, finger post and the Hope Valley Explorer logo

Hope Valley Hopper

An audio tour guide app for a unique bus tour in the Peak District National Park.

audio tour guide app installed in new forest bus cab

New Forest Bus Tour

Supply of a robust audio tour guide system for very popular bus tours in the New Forest.